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I went to a speed dating event here in DC with my date and one of her girlfriends. I understand you’re all about making a buck, but when you set the price at airline ticket levels you will get those men who have nothing to offer but their money, and those women who want nothing else but those men who offer nothing but their money.

Do you mind if I hang a portrait of my cat in the living room? If the guys were smart, they’d play along and say things like “I have one whole cent in my stock portfolio! Whatever is left of her innate femininity, beauty and sexiness is destroyed to dust by that point.

You can also submit your photos for girls to vote on.

There is something called "The Dating Bar" you will quite often see a girl is "online on the dating bar", but i've never found it, and tbh it sounds quite desperate anyway.

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My advice to the guys who run these speed dating and related social events in DC: Stop charging $60 to $300 for your lameass glorified happy hours.

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