Dating of non carbonaceous materials

All allotropic forms of carbons—graphite, glassy carbon, amorphous carbon, fullerenes, nanotubes, and doped diamond—are used as important electrode materials in all fields of modern electrochemistry.

Examples include graphite and amorphous carbons as anode materials in high-energy density rechargeable Li batteries, porous carbon electrodes in sensors and fuel cells, nano-amorphous carbon as a conducting agent in many kinds of composite electrodes (e.g., cathodes based on intercalation inorganic host materials for batteries), glassy carbon and doped diamond as stable robust and high stability electrode materials for all aspects of basic electrochemical studies, and more.

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This chapter will primarily focus on the development of porous carbons for application as chromatographic stationary phases.

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Porous carbons in the separation sciences occupy an important niche owing to their unique retention characteristics, chemical stability and the ability to control pore structure through template strategies.

However, these same synthetic processes utilise oil-based carbonising resins and high temperature, energy-intensive pyrolysis steps to ensure the carbon product has pore-size regularity, minimal micropore content and homogeneous surface chemistry.

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