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Gradually, the term Alternative Right or Alt Right became more closely tied to White nationalism and the goal of creating a White ethnostate, as a number of other White nationalist publications became associated with the Alt Right and as Spencer focused more sharply on White nationalism after becoming head of the National Policy Institute in 2011.Starting in 2015, the Alt Right broadened out from a small intellectual circle as a much wider array of online activists embraced the term.The Alt Right, short for “Alternative Right,” is a loosely organized far-right movement that emphasizes internet activism, is hostile to both multicultural liberalism and mainstream conservatism, and has had a symbiotic relationship with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Then, there were the Pathé comedies and those of Mack Sennett's Keystone, which were greatly derived from them.

Franklin St., plans to turn over daily operations to someone else on Monday. Ward acknowledged having a romantic relationship with the woman but said it was consensual and their friendship continued for over a year.

Some shows, including the Like a Girl Comedy Festival later this month, are postponed, but school director Brandon Holmes will continue to run the summer camps and classes. He’s made mistakes and taken responsibility for them, he said, but the story is false.

This seems to be Buster Keaton's most popular short film.

I prefer his films with more cinematically based comedy, such as in "The Playhouse", "The Frozen North" and "Sherlock, Jr.", but "Cops" is a very entertaining little film.

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Former performers talked Thursday about an intimidating environment at DSI Comedy after social-media posts about alleged harassment and sexual assault led its founder to step down.

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