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Mr Gove said he had asked his special advisers whether they were the source of the article. Labour MPs said the question had arisen because of the “close relationship” between one of his advisers and the deputy editor of The Spectator. Mr Gove retorted: “ I have a close relationship with a columnist on the Times (his wife, Sarah Vine), but - under the by-line of their brilliant education editor - articles appear that I don't necessarily agree with.”Labour MP Ian Mearns also argued that Mr Gove was open to “possible allegations of incuriosity” over what happened to the bullying allegations in view of the fact they involved a senior political adviser to him.Mr Gove replied: “I understand in every government department in every year there are a number of grievance procedures that are brought.” Ministers, he argued, should not “micro manage” what were personnel issues.is the oldest extant poem in English and one of the earliest substantial documents written in any Germanic language.This consensus came to an end in the 1980s, when scholars became more skeptical about the dating of Old English poetry.According to Moviehole, 'Footloose' star Kenny Wormald (who plays the role made famous by Kevin Bacon in the reboot) may be your new Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze's part) in the upcoming 'Dirty Dancing' remake.actor Kenny Wormald has revealed that he was bullied as a youngster for his love of dancing.

"Not with the choreography, but with the actual plot. To have the opportunity to actually act in a dance movie that has a really strong plot was really great.It is not known if Sir Greg makes a profit from the dating business, but the £390,000 combined package of his health club role, salary and benefits made him the best-paid school leader in the country in 2012/13.He said: ‘There’s a swimming pool you wouldn’t have had, there’s a boarding school you wouldn’t have had, there’s middle schools you wouldn’t have had, there’s subsidised food, there are small classes. ’In a statement issued after the hearing, Sir Greg said Durand’s success was underpinned by private investment and he was proud that it was ‘driving aspiration and expanding choice and opportunity for children’.Mr Wormald acknowledged, though, that - as the allegation involved one of Mr Gove's special advisers - he could have come to a different decision but still felt his actions had been correct, The case in question involved a long-established civil servant who claimed that she had been subjected to bullying behaviour by Dominic Cummings, the senior special adviser, and James Frayne, former head of communications at the department.A greivance procedure attached no blame to the two individuals concerned but - after she put in a complaint to an industrial tribunal - she was awarded a £25,000 pay-out on the grounds that the department could have handled changes to working practices better.

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Mr Gove said the first he had heard about the case was when he was telephoned by a journalist 24 hours before it was reported in the Observer newspaper.

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