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Winifred’s anxieties were clearly on display—trembling, heart-racing, scanning the room for the nearest emergency exit—she exhibited the symptoms that any single person would tell you are emblematic of the stressful (and sometimes traumatic) experience we like to call “the first date.” Not only is it Winifred’s first date, but it’s her first time speed dating.

Basically, you'll go to the end of 520 and then drive around 15 more minutes past lots of trees and pastures to get to Special Bunny.

Here are some of the criteria we use when assessing bunny housing: The adoption application helps us understand your housing situation and your expectations for your new pet, and it also lets us know you are serious about potentially adopting.

Once we have your application, we'll contact you to set up an appointment for you to come out to the shelter and meet the bunnies...which can include a 'speed dating' session for your existing rabbit.

“Now that she’s calmed down, I figured she could use a friend,” she said.

Cindy Stutts, licensed educator and founding board member of Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, said that these pairing sessions have always been part of what the organization offers to people as part of bunny education.

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They’re so much more difficult to get along with one another than dogs and cats are.” According to the House Rabbit Society website, bunny bonding is primarily for companionship rather than romantic or reproduction purposes.

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